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The Israeli Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Ramat Gan and Vicinity

About Us

The Israeli Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Ramat Gan and Vicinity was founded in 1944 by Mrs. Greta Biran. Since the society’s establishment, its members have cared for hundreds of abandoned and neglected animals, providing for their medical care and daily welfare while searching to find them loving, adoptive homes.

SPCA Ramat Gan and Vicinity is a no-kill animal rescue.

This is a unique, guiding principle of the organization. In addition to the shelter’s diverse activities, the organization encourages values of compassion, tolerance, and assistance for those in need, and focus on community involvement, education, awareness activities, and assistance to needy populations.

The organization also provides educational programs at schools, youth groups, special education institutions, or anywhere animal interaction and therapy can be of assistance. These activities focus on our relationship as humans with animals.

Our Vision & Goals

  • SPCA Ramat Gan and Vicinity is a no- kill animal rescue

  • SPCA Ramat Gan and Vicinity ensures genuine concern for animals and constantly works to improve their living conditions

  • SPCA Ramat Gan and Vicinity is part of a community

  • SPCA Ramat Gan and Vicinity assists and supports special-needs populations. Click to watch

Means of Donation and Support

SPCA Ramat Gan and Vicinity is a non-profit organization that is mainly supported by donations. Donations are used to operate, maintain and improve animal welfare at our shelter.
Additional support received by the organization enables us to develop educational models and projects, thereby bringing the community closer to the values we maintain, and which we wish to apply on society as a whole.

You can donate and save lives with ease, at a click of a button:

About Us

Donation with Credit Card

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Hapoalim bank 780, Account num 66253

IBAN: IL95-0126-4100-0000-0066-252


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4 Hafetz Haim St. Tel Aviv, 6744118

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Contact us

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Our NPO is not backed by major donors, therefore every penny counts.
We are in need of donations of any amount on an ongoing basis.

SPCA Ramat Gan (RA 580053296) is legally run, has a certificate of proper management and recognition as a public institution for donations under section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance, as well as a certificate for measures of effectiveness (certificates can be sent upon request).

A receipt will be issued and sent to all donors.


Thinking of adopting a pet? You are welcome to meet our 4 legged residents:

כלב מביט למצלמה

Our Dogs

חתול מביט למצלמה

Our Cats

The adoption process takes place at our shelter on 4 Hafetz Haim st Tel Aviv and includes all adult household members. Children are more than welcome, of course.

We are open for adoption 7 days a week and you are welcome to show up during opening hours, with no need to inform us in advance

Why us?


  • Professional, committed staff who is well acquainted with all the animals at the shelter and therefore will be able to make the perfect match to your lifestyle.

  • All shelter animals are well treated, vaccinated and spayed/castrated.

  • Our dogs are taken on daily walks with our volunteers, which enables us to get to know their behavior outside the shelter, and makes it easier to train them, and get them used to human company.

  • We will accompany you every step of the way, before, through and after the adoption process, recommending the right food, vets and trainers, consulting and making sure you and your new pet will enjoy your new amazing life together.

  • We believe adopting a dog or a cat is the beginning of a new and amazing life together which comes with a big responsibility and a whole lot of joy.

Please, visit us and take your time to think it over, ask us anything and our staff would be more than happy to consult assist and listen in order for you to make the best decision for adopting.

Adoption Fee

SPCA Ramat Gan, does not charge money for the animal, but we do have an adoption fee covering the treatment given to our shelter animals.

Adoption fee includes: all yearly vaccines, spay/castration and the electronic chip.

Dog adoption fee is 750 shekels
Cat adoption fee is 390 shekels.

For your convenience, you can pay with a credit card or cash.
In addition, you can purchase all the basic getting started equipment through us for your new friend at fair prices.

For additional info about the adoption process, please contact us:
050-7795277 / 050-7795477,

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